Our Awesome Star Wars Themed Parties

Our Awesome Star Wars Themed Parties

Do you love the idea of holding a Star Wars themed party in Surrey?

Lazer Lions regularly hold Star Wars themed parties for children complete with lasers and other weaponry, including grenades, pistols, targets and bases.

Our laser parties are not only fun but the perfect indoor activity for winter, providing fun and games when it’s too cold to play outside.

As one of the most popular film franchises of all time, Star Wars finds new fans in every generation and is an excellent theme for a party, especially since the next film is due out this Christmas. Often parents pass down a love for these films to their children, so will love joining in with a Star Wars themed party.

A highly original birthday party for any Star Wars fan.

Children can bring to life their fantasies of battling aliens, with plenty of fun scenarios to test their grit and determination. Your child and their guests will partake in a battle that they’ll never forget, while burning plenty of energy at the same time.

Lazer Lions offer a number of themed parties with Star Wars and James Bond two of our most popular themes.

Our parties can take place in most location in Southern England, including anywhere in Surrey. Why not read more about our laser tag parties today? Or for more information, get in touch today on 07800 2086 1767.