Why Choose Our Children’s Parties In Hampshire?

Why Choose Our Children’s Parties In Hampshire?

Looking for awesome ideas for your children’s party in Hampshire? You can’t go wrong with laser-tag, an activity highly popular with all age groups.

Lazer Lions regularly hold children’s parties all over London, Hampshire and Surrey. Packed full of action, our laser-tag parties are a brilliant alternative to paintball. Laser tag involves guns which fire infrared beams, making it completely painless. Participants wear infrared sensitive targets and work in teams to win the game, which is often highly imaginative.

With Lazer Lions you choose the venue. Lazer Tags can come to a venue of your choice in Hampshire and throw the ultimate laser-tag party. This is a great alternative to getting everybody to drive to a venue not convenient for them.

We promise an incredible experience for everybody involved- including parents!

With prices starting from only £120 for a 1-hour party, our children’s parties are also highly affordable. Laser tag is only one of the activities we offer. You can also choose from body zorbing, dance parties, football zorbing and much more.

We have incredible attention to detail and cover all the aspects that make an awesome party. Our team regularly work in not only Hampshire but throughout the city of London. We’ll work hard to create your perfect party packaging, whatever it might be.

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