Feel The Force With Our Star Wars Themed Parties

Feel The Force With Our Star Wars Themed Parties

Does your child adore the Star Wars films and has always loved the idea of a light-sabre themed party?

With our awesome laser tag parties, you can make that dream come true in 2018. What better way to entertain children when it’s cold and wet by turning your town hall into an alien battleground with a Star Wars theme?

Lazer Lion parties are not only incredible fun but they’re fantastic for burning off that excess energy, which is ideal if your kids go stir-crazy in winter.

Hosted by glamorous models, our Star Wars themed parties are highly affordable and can take place in a wide range of settings. Our legendary events are guaranteed to give your child’s classmates something to talk about the next day.

Buzzing with energy and packed with epic games, including the option for zorbing, our parties are highly social and great for getting kids away from screens.

Parties take place all over the South East, including London, Hampshire Surrey and Berkshire. Star Wars is just one of the many themes you can have for your party, with other themes available request.

Simply get in touch today to discuss your perfect party package.

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