Our Fun-Filled Laser Tag Days

Our Fun-Filled Laser Tag Days

Ah, summer…

The most anticipated and dreaded season for parents with young children.

Keeping children occupied during those long summer holidays isn’t easy, especially when they’re younger than 12. If you have a birthday coming up, why not bring lights, action and fun into their life with our Laser Tag Days?

Make it a summer to remember for the rest of their life.

You might have heard of laser tag or are searching for an original idea for a children’s party- whatever the case, Lazer Lions is the go-to company for unique kids’ celebrations in Surrey.

Our Laser Tag Days promise plenty of action, fun and laughs, with passionate instructors who can deliver a variety of games. Appealing to children of all ages, this type of party includes various real-life scenarios designed to test their grit and determination. Our parties include glamorous looking staff, who can inspire children with their enthusiasm.

Highly sociable and collaborative, laser tag exercises a child’s imagination.

Our additional party games include body or football zorbing, which is guaranteed to get all children excited.

We are also running Laser Tag events every weekend at Tillgate park in Crawley throughout the summer holidays.

Discover more about our laser tag days today.

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