Need To Organise A Children’s Party In London?

Need To Organise A Children’s Party In London?

If you’re looking to throw an original children’s party in London, look towards Lazer Lions for an awesome team as enthusiastic as you are.

Whether it’s your child’s fifth or twelve birthday, we can ensure that they have a whale of a time.

Our highly affordable children’s parties are energetic, fun and get everybody involved, even the adults. We specialise in laser tag parties that can also involve body or football zorbing. With a combination of party games available, it’s much easier to tailor a party to your needs.

Join a battle which you’ll never forget.

Laser tag is much less messy than paint balling but still involves plenty of running around and is suitable for children of all abilities. Our children’s parties in London include a free selection of war paint and unlimited ammo as a gift from the gods above!

You can also have a theme to your party if you like, whether it’s Star Wars or James Bond. All our staff are highly glamorous as they used to be models, so a sophisticated party is guaranteed.

Our children’s parties take place in a number of locations, including Kingston, Twickenham and Hampton.

Discover more reasons to book one of our parties in London.