Need A Team To Throw The Ultimate Birthday Party In Surrey?

Need A Team To Throw The Ultimate Birthday Party In Surrey?

Why throw the same old birthday party with clowns, balloons and a cake when it can be so much more?

At Lazer Lions we can turn even the staidest venue into an intergalactic battleground, complete with lasers and an alien take-over. Our good-looking team of models throw parties all across Surrey and Hampshire, ensuring that everyone goes away feeling they’ve had an incredible time.

Children always come away from our parties talking about them for weeks to come- and for good reason. We dim the lights and fire everybody’s fantasies by kicking off a race to save the world.

Combining plenty of lights and action with a healthy dose of imagination, our laser tag parties get everybody moving and collaborating to win the games. They are an excellent way to lure children away from the world of TVs, tablets and smart phones, and really get them socialising and burning off their energy.

We can also hold birthday parties to specific themes such as Star Wars or James Bond, if your child has a fondness for either of these two franchises. Our parties in Surrey are so much fun, we almost guarantee you won’t be able to resist joining in.

Let’s kick off your party in Surrey and make memories to last a lifetime!