Throw A Laser Tag Children’s Party In London

Throw A Laser Tag Children’s Party In London

Are you looking for ideas for a children’s party in London?

Laser tag has been around for many years now and is popular with children of all ages. Unlike paint balling, it’s completely non-intrusive and won’t leave anybody with nasty bruises, but it still involves plenty of physical activity and encourages children to use their imagination ,while getting to use real weapons.

Involving the use of infrared-sensitive targets, laser tag can be played indoors or outdoors, but is best taking place in a darkened room.

We also provide dance parties and zorbing experiences that will get everyone involved.

Fun and fast-paced, laser tag is the perfect activity for any children’s party in London.

Lazer Lions specialise in throwing children’s parties in the South East, including in London and Surrey, such as Twickenham, Kingston and Hampton.

We will make sure your child and their friends have an incredible time, with our children’s parties packed full of lights and action. Our birthday parties start from only £120 for a 60-minute party, making us much more affordable than other party providers.

Better yet, we can throw a party for free, if it’s for a good cause. Lazer Lions regularly throw parties for charities and good causes, catering for a wide range of children with disabilities.

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