Party Pricing

Fun laser tag parties for children

Below is our prices for parties. You are able to see different prices for the number of children and for what duration. Additional children are £6 each for 90 minutes and £7 for 2 hours.

Laser Tag Party Pricing

Group Size1 Hour 30 Party2 Hour Party
14 Kids£210£257Book Now
15 Kids£219£267Book Now
16 Kids£227£277Book Now
17 Kids£236£287Book Now
18 Kids£245£297Book Now
19 Kids£254£307Book Now
20 Kids£263£317Book Now
21 Kids£272£327Book Now
22 Kids£281£337Book Now
23 Kids£290£347Book Now
24 Kids£299£357Book Now
25 Kids£308£367Book Now
26 Kids£317£377Book Now
27 Kids£326£387Book Now
28 Kids£335£397Book Now
29 Kids£344£407Book Now
30 Kids£353£417Book Now
31 Kids£362£427Book Now
32 Kids£371£437Book Now
33 Kids£380£447Book Now
34 Kids£389£457Book Now

Circus Disco Party Pricing

Group Size1 Hour 15 Party
Upto 14 Kids£180Book Now
15 Kids£196Book Now
16 Kids£202Book Now
17 Kids£208Book Now
18 Kids£214Book Now
19 Kids£220Book Now
20 Kids£226Book Now
21 Kids£232Book Now
22 Kids£238Book Now
23 Kids£244Book Now
24 Kids£250Book Now
25 Kids£254Book Now
26 Kids£260Book Now
27 Kids£266Book Now
28 Kids£272Book Now
29 Kids£278Book Now
30 Kids£284Book Now
31 Kids£290Book Now
32 Kids£296Book Now
33 Kids£302Book Now
34 Kids£308Book Now
35 Kids£314Book Now
36 Kids£320Book Now
37 Kids£326Book Now

Zorb Party pricing is to be confirmed, please contact us for pricing for Zorb Parties.

* Deposits are non-refundable, however, under expceptional circumstances, we will endeavour to reschedule your booking (subject to availability). 

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