Halloween party ideas for Kids – From DIYs to Party Games!

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Halloween is one of the creepiest, yet fun-filled occasions around the world. The sound of children trick-or-treating, and the unique costumes only tend to add to the entire occasion.

While Halloween is enjoyed greatly by adults, kids don’t tend to stay behind either. Children have loads and loads of different games and party ideas for Halloween and they use them to make the day even more fun.

There are so many Halloween party ideas for kids. While some are quite common, others are not so well-known. To make sure your kid knows them all, we have a list of the best and unique Halloween party ideas for kids here.

A Few DIYs

Let us start off with some of the DIYs and move our way up to the most fun-filled games.

Paint a Spooky Pot

In order to paint a spooky pot, you need paint, different colours of construction paper, and a clay pot. Make sure the pot is made of terracotta clay to attain best results. Start off by painting the pot orange. Once it dries off, paint a jack o lantern face on a side.’ After a while, spray it with an acrylic sealer and your spooky pot is complete.

Carve a Pumpkin

Although it is a common tradition, it is hard to leave it out from the list of unique Halloween party ideas for kids. You can let the kids draw a jack o lantern onto the pumpkin. You can also assist them in carving the design out by closely monitoring them.

Cupcake Ghost for Cards

This is a unique DIY for younger kids. All you will need is a black card, a black pen, cup cake cases and glue. Let the kids start off with straightening the entire cupcake case. Carefully let them cut off the ends in a pointy fashion, giving it a ghostly look.

Now have them draw a ghostly face onto the case and stick it to a card. Make sure to have the pointy ends floating to give a floating look to the cupcake ghost.

Party Games for Kids

Now that we are done with some of the most simple and unique Halloween DIYs for your kids, it is time to check out a few games as well.

Poke a Pumpkin

This is one of the best Halloween party ideas for kids. This is actually a game. Consider this game as the quieter version of popping balloons. To make this game fun for the kids, start off by inserting some tricks and treats inside a set of cups. Now cover the cups with napkins and make them stay put by using rubber bands.

The kids would poke their fingers through the napkin. They will either pull a treat out or get tricked. You may include chocolates for treats and things like fake ketchup or toothpaste can be used as tricks during this fun-filled game with kids.

The Mummy Wrap

This is one of those games that both the kids as well as adults love playing. The best part is that you only require tissue rolls for it. To play this game, divide the kids into two teams. Now one of the kids will play a mummy while the other —from the same team— will wrap him like one. The game starts when a neutral person plays a song.

To add a more Halloween-like feel, you can use songs that are more related to the occasion. Just as the song will start, both the teams will start wrapping up their mummies . They have to stop just as the music does. Deciding the winner is simple. The team whose ‘mummy’ is well wrapped wins. The trick to have even more fun with this game is to dim the lights in the room, and make the whole environment spooky.

To add more to the game, you can even cut the song out completely and decide the winner based on which team wraps their teammate the fastest. The winner is declared when the entire tissue roll finishes.

The Bowl dive

This is yet another unique Halloween party idea for kids. In this game, all you have to do is take a large bowl and fill it with a bunch of slimy sweets and desserts. Make a few bowls like this. After the bowls are ready, the kids playing this game will have their eyes covered with a piece of black cloth so they are not able to see anything.

Now name the bowls something spooky like ‘a witch’s finger’. Each bowl will be given a separate name. The kids will place their hands in each bowl one by one. The one guessing all three bowls right the first will be the winner. To add more fun to the game, add sticky things like pasta into the bowl, and make sure the participants do not know the contents of the bowls.

Donut Eating

This is another one of the unique Halloween party ideas for kids. Take long strings or threads and hook one end of them onto something high like a branch of a tree or a ceiling fan. Attach donuts onto the other end and leave them hanging.

The kids will be required to put their hands on the back and eat the donuts without using their hands. The one who finishes the donut wins the race. The kids are bound to enjoy as everyone chases after the hung donuts.

The Tale

One of the best ways to entertain kids at Halloween is by storytelling. Kids absolutely love stories. Gathering them around, and telling them a scary story, that too on Halloween, will be one of the best Halloween party ideas for kids.

You can add to the story by tuning out the lights and lighting a few candles. Playing a scary music in the background will also add to the entire story-telling experience for kids.

Do keep in mind that all of these games are meant to make the Halloween party more fun for the kids. Therefore, it is advised to keep the games free of competition.

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