Planning a 8 Year Old’s Birthday Party? Make sure it’s the best!

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Planning an event is one of the most time consuming and stressful tasks that a person can undertake. The effort that it requires is truly underrated, things get even trickier when you plan on taking on a birthday party event, that too for a young child.

There’s a lot to do when planning a 8 year old’s birthday party. There are some things that, if done, are good, but not exactly critical. Then there are those on which the fate of the party rests upon.

Important Things to Consider

For the perfect party recipe, you need to know which aspects are the most important when planning a birthday party for a 8 year old. Below is a list of some of the most important things to consider and will help you on your way to organise a party to remember!

The Venue

This is quite important to consider, you should always consider a venue that is both conveniently accessible and is big enough for all the guests to enjoy the party. It can be any place depending upon your budget. You can hold the event at your own place, or ask a friend for theirs. Remember not to choose a venue that is either too big for the number of people coming or too small for the kids to play around.

Your Guest list

Another important factor about planning a birthday party is making a guest-list. Make sure to invite all the close friends of the birthday child. You could also invite a couple of parents to alongside, always remember not to get carried away with the invites. Invite only as many as you can budget for.

Furthermore, overcrowding the venue with an unnecessary number of people can potentially lead to the event being bitter due to a number of different reasons. One of the main reasons, in this case, is that kids find it difficult to mingle with a bunch of acquaintances, kids will enjoy their parties more with fewer, closer friends.


It is true that the more money you put in, the better an event can become, however! Budgeting before planning a 8 year old birthday party is important. There are a couple of reasons for that. For one, there are hundreds of different things you can do to make a birthday party better. This is precisely why you need to set a budget in the planning phase.

This will limit you to the amount you can spend, and therefore allow you to pull off a better event in the given amount. Not setting a cap will not only lead you to an excessive expenditure, but also confuse you and make it difficult for you to choose something among the many options.

During the Party

By this stage, you have set a budget, booked a venue, and gathered the right ingredients – nothing can go wrong now, right? Wrong! Keep in mind that it is not adults we are talking about; it is small children. You should always take contact numbers of guardians or parents in case they are dropping off their kids. In addition to that, make sure they have spare clothes just in case. Also, have an adult help you out during the event, young children aren’t the easiest to handle as I am sure you know.

Ingredients for a Great Birthday Party

Now that we are through the initial planning, it is time to mix in the ingredients. These ingredients will help you ensure that your child has the best birthday party.

Know Your Audience

This might sound all corporate-ish but that does not mean it is irrelevant. You should always know the likes and dislikes of the birthday kid and work accordingly with them. Remember, it is the child’s special day and the event should be all about him/her, what he/she likes to do, and what he/she likes to eat etc.

The Tailored Menu

Since you are planning a 8 year old’s birthday party, only having the obvious essentials wouldn’t be enough. If it is a cake, you should get one that has the kid’s favourite character on it. Have the birthday kid’s favourite delicacies on the menu.

Capture the Event

Your child will only turn 8 once, make sure you have enough of the event documented. Hire a professional or use a great camera to take pictures and videos. They might not seem useful now, but years down the road, they will be something to cherish. Consider them a souvenir of your kid’s 8th birthday.


One of the best things to do while planning a 8 year old’s birthday party is to have a theme. Have the theme of the birthday kid’s favourite cartoon character. This adds a great deal to the party and will make the party that little bit extra special for your little one.

In addition to that, you can even set the same theme for decorations, making the entire birthday party a better experience for your child.


This is what kids love the mos, the games! Have a couple of different games planned for the kids and be prepared to supervise them.

This is among the most fun-filled activities for children at birthday parties. You can take some of the classics like musical chairs, or even make up a game that is both safe and enjoyable for the kids.

Planning a 8 year old birthday party requires a lot of effort. From the moment you think of having the party to the point where everybody is tired to the bones after all the fun and gone back home, you are likely to remain under constant stress. However, you can avoid all that by following the guidelines we have mentioned above or you can contact us to host your party for you.

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