Have a (Laser) Blast at your Kid’s Birthday Party!

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” Tag! You’re it! ”
” Pass me the cake! ”
” Mum, you’re embarrassing me! ”

These are just some of the most common phrases and noises emanating from a typical birthday party happening in your neighbor’s backyard. Well, if you are looking to arrange something which stands out, something EXTRAordinary for your child’s birthday, then look no further. Lazer Lions has all the answers to make your child’s day a memorable one.

We at Lazer Lions specialise in arranging a fun-filled laser tag birthday party for your child to enjoy. We offer customisable experiences for your child to have fun with his friends in the settings of their choosing. From the barren desert lands of the Wild West to the distant star inhabited by flesh eating alien species, we have the ability to make your child’s wildest dreams come to life right before their very eyes.

Our unique selection of different war paints and weapon arsenal consisting of laser pistols, blasters and grenades coupled with custom built bases for our young fighters to seek refuge in allow for a truly large scale battle of epic proportions. The activities are arranged by experienced staff which comprise of seasoned veterans who know a thing or two about organising a birthday party for kids. The field commanders in co-ordination with our backroom strategists are responsible for scoping out the area and devising a plan of action to provide our young recruits with a blend of challenging activities to test their skills on the battlefield. Veterans looking to relive their past glory days can accompany their young ones onto the field of battle as well to guide them through the constant barrage of enemy fire unharmed.

Takes into consideration all the minute details to ensure a completely immersive experience for your child and their friends as well as you. Some of the package details worth noting include;

  • A selection of some of the fine advanced weaponry our armory has to offer
  • Unlimited ammo as a gift from the gods above
  • A selection of war paint to choose from, making you undetectable and strike the enemy when they have their guard down
  • Various life-like scenarios designed to test your grit and determination on the field of battle and in the face of adversity
  • The opportunity to escape victorious or suffer defeat at the hands of the enemy with your loved ones at your side to cheer you on

The laser tag birthday parties are affordably priced for your convenience, starting from only £120 for a 60-minute session. We provide our services in most areas of southern UK.

If you are looking to arrange a memorable outing for your kid on their birthday, feel free to give us a call on 07800 861767 or visit www.lazerlions.co.uk for further information.

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