How to Throw the Coolest Kid’s Birthday Party of All Time

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Organising an event can be a hard task and it becomes harder when the event is your child’s birthday party. It is your child’s special day, the one he/she waits for the whole year, and therefore, you should try and make it a memorable day for him/her. If you are looking for some fantastic ideas to throw the coolest kid’s birthday party of all time, we have got you covered. Continue reading and become an event planner for your kid’s birthday party.

Select a theme for your kids birthday party

Selecting a theme for your kids birthday party is the first step of preparations. For this, consider your child’s personality and decide the theme accordingly. Also ask him what theme he/she would like to have in his/her birthday party. Remember, kids also have lots of plans for their birthdays so taking their input is necessary to make it a successful event.

Some popular birthday themes among children are:

  • Butterflies, Winnie the pooh, Disney princesses, bugs, SpongeBob and Spiderman and sesame street themed birthday parties are mostly thrown for children between the ages 3 and 5
  • Pirate, dinosaur, Harry Potter, star wars, carnival, circus and frozen themed birthday parties are extremely popular these days among children older than 5 or 6 years.

Get creative with invitations

Rather than going for printed invitations, make your own by involving your child. Let your child draw something in accordance with the theme, or let him/her decorate a plain card with stickers. Another idea is to trace your child’s hand on the front. You and your child can get as creative as possible with the invitations.

Also, make sure you send invitations to all the guests at least a week before the party so that the guests could plan their day accordingly.

Buy some props

Photo booth props are all the rage among kids of every age group. Buy some fun props according to your child’s age and get some funny pictures.

Arrange some activities for children

Make sure you arrange enough activities for children to keep them busy during the whole party because kids could get really naughty and difficult to handle if left on their own. Keep them busy in games like musical chair, treasure hunt, Ooye gooye etc. You can also plan activities like painting, puppet or magic show and/or hand-craft activity (for girls).

Select the food that kids love

Children usually do not sit and eat food formally; they tend to get messy with food. So, to avoid any mess and ensure that the kids love the food, you should go for finger food. Fish fingers, chicken strips, French fries, mini burgers or sandwiches, mini cupcakes, doughnuts are some good options for your kid’s birthday party.

Hire a Birthday Planner

You would save a lot of time and energy by taking services of a professional event planner, like Lazer lions, known for organising kids’ birthday parties and laser tag birthday parties. They will take the burden off your shoulders and will ensure an amazing fun-filled birthday party for your child.

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