Bring Your Child Close To Books: Tips for Inculcating Reading Habits in Kids

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Thank you for visiting the Lazer Lions blog, below we have some reading tips for parents to help you understand how you can incourage reading in your child.

Reading is not only a good hobby because it gives you a lot of knowledge but also because it builds your vocabulary, gives you analytical skills, strengthens your imagination, helps in mental growth, and grooms your personality. These are the reasons why our parents had always encouraged us to read more and more, and for the same reasons, you too should try to foster the habit of reading in your children.

However, many parents complain that their children prefer to watch television or play video games rather than reading books. This usually happens because parents make reading a compulsion, not a choice, for children, and hence, kids try to avoid it as much as possible.

While there can be numerous ways to tell your child the importance of reading and bring him/ her close to books, here we discuss some of them to help you in making your child a good reader:

1. Reading tips for parents: Read to your child from the beginning
Read to your child from day one. Mothers often sing songs to their children to make them sleep which shows that children do respond whatever we say to them. No matter how old your child is, read to him. It could be a song, a poem or anything else and as he/she grows old start reading small stories and then chapters until your child, himself, becomes able to read.

2. Reading tips for parents: Read in front of your child
Children are usually uncannily observant. They notice what everyone around them is doing and try to imitate it. If you want your child to become a good reader, make sure they see you reading. You can read whatever you like but make sure that you show interest and read with concentration – your child will most likely try to do the same.

3. Reading tips for parents: Keep books all over the house
Children have a habit of checking out everything lying around them, and that is the reason you often see them holding your phone, trying to use your perfume or makeup etc. Instead of all such things, spread books all around your house and do not limit them to one place. When your child sees a colourful book lying on the centre table of your lounge, he/she will surely have a look at it.

4. Reading tips for parents: Find your child’s interest
Rather than forcing your child to read any book that you have brought, find what your child is interested in. For example, if your child likes animals, bring him/her stories and books about animals, if he/she has an interest in science, bring books about that, if your daughter adores Cinderella, bring her fairytales. This will make reading an interesting hobby for them and not a duty they have to do.

5. Reading tips for parents: Take your child to libraries and bookstores
Whenever you go for book shopping or visit a local library, take your child along. Let him/her see you buying books with interest and also allow him/her to choose books. There are libraries which have special story hours for kids which will grow his/her interest in books, especially when he/she sees other children doing the same thing.

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